Rover's Log


What I've posted today

I began shooting with my new D200 and these include photos taken since 23 December. Most settings are at default except I am using color mode IIIa and boosted saturation. The default sharpness is not enough for my tastes but I have not yet tweaked this setting. The camera out of the box has the strobe's commander setting set to channel 1 but this will not work with the SB600 so the channel must be re-set to "3". I have also set the FUNC button to lock the FV / Flash Value. To obtain a preflash value you simply press the FUNC button once and assuming your distance remains unchanged the recorded pre-flash remains in effect. This trick will prevent your subjects from blinking from in your photos. Just remember to push the FUNC button to perform a pre-flash calibration if you switch distance from your subject.